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19 Oct

Day 18 – Brora to John o Groats

The Final Day 055 small

Firstly, apologies for the delay in this post.

The final day started cold, with a bitter wind chill and it was mostly overcast with huge black threatening cloud.

The boys set off from Brora at a good speed whilst Bridget packed and I did the shopping for their lunch break and refuelled the car.  The weather had brightened a bit, but the wind seemed even colder to us soft Southerners so I was pleased to hear the local woman at the petrol station say it was “‘f”ing freezing”

By the time we caught them up they were at the top of a very large hill looking really pleased with themselves. They were actually enjoying these really steep inclines now, which quite frankly makes you a bit of a weirdo in my books!

Lunch was taken at a lovely village about half way to JOG, the boys were really cold and got into the car to warm through before setting off again.  We travelled on to John o Groats to check out the route in to the signpost.  At this point the weather changed drastically, we drove through horizontal rain and hailstones and the wind was gusting really badly.  I got out the car at one point and could hardly hold the door, it was awful.

As the boys approached John o Groats they were so cold that they could not feel their hands and feet, despite having dressed for these conditions.  A tired, frozen and emotional pair of cyclists arrived at the signpost at approximately 1430hrs.

We stopped briefly for photographs and quickly loaded up the bikes and started the thawing out process in the car.

Final statistics for you (TBC):

940 miles cycled

47,384 feet climbing on bikes

34,496 calories burned cycling

32 miles of kayaking

10,990 feet climbing on foot

The picture is of the boys holding up their Railway Children cycling vest, they were going to be wearing these, but it was too dangerous to strip down to put them on given how cold it was.

One final post to follow tomorrow.  But I would like to say at this point, this is not the end, this is just the beginning for Ultimate Three…