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17 Oct

Day 17 – Loch Ness to Brora

Colin and Felix are both looking tired today, I think the kayaking really took its toll on their muscles.  Together with the lactic build up from the Ben, they are a wee bit uncomfortable.

It is a bitterly cold day and Felix has now taken to covering his legs with ‘leg warmers’.  Unfortunately it reduced him to looking like Nora Batty as the boys transited through Inverness.  After some ‘adjustment’ in the trouser department, they stayed up for the rest of the day.

A good early start today though, with no mishaps whatsoever!  The bikes ran well and the boys made great time.  The terrain was a little kinder in terms of climbs and the roads were without too many gaping holes.

We met up around lunchtime, Colin said that a truck had narrowly missed hitting Felix with its trailer a few minutes earlier, there really is not an excuse for driving as poor as that :-(

They have now arrived at Brora, which is a lovely village approximately 60 miles from the finish.  The hotel is once again very nice and the people here are really friendly.  Two policemen tooted their support today, so did two RLC soldiers who were running an army boot camp for women! That sort of thing really cheers the boys up.

Felix has taken up an offer from me to ride my road bike for the last stage of this journey.  Given that we have all ribbed him somewhat about the weight of his Swiss made steel bike in comparison to ours, I think it is really nice that he wants to try out my racing bike and not just let my tyres down instead! This means that Felix’s bike will be the back up bike (which is in fact my veiled threat to Colin not to break his AGAIN)!

I can report to you all that there is snow on the mountains here, with more coming this week.  Probably good that it is the final leg of the journey tomorrow .  Having started out from Cornwall with temperatures of 28 degrees we are now down to about 5 degrees.

PS/ Billy has been sacked as bed inspector, this is because this hotel insists that its beds are inspected by customers and staff only, not Mr Billy.  He has however, filed a case for unfair dismissal on the grounds of discrimination regarding his facial hair problem.