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17 Oct

Day 16 – Loch Ness

Nessie Mascot (2)

Today started with an early breakfast.  Rob and Colin had agreed that the weather was likely to be very tricky on the loch and decided that ‘sooner, rather than later’ was the best plan of attack.

Gillian left us this morning with Lily, Florence and Rosie, so we said our farewells and set off to bag the loch.

Finding a launch point was not too difficult and the boys set off  swiftly with a very strong south westerly breeze behind them.

The weather was just about as bad as it gets for kayaking and the strong wind and torrential rain were causing us all a great deal of concern.  It was disconcerting to say the least, that this loch is so vast, we could not see them for much of the way.

To be brutally honest, Felix could not be described as anything other than an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to kayaking and Colin did his training many years ago with no practice since then, so we were all relived to see them both after about 14 miles.  By this time the waves on the loch were reaching 3 feet, they were also regularly swamping the boats.  The final two miles were the hardest 2 miles for everyone. The boys both did brilliantly to kayak 17 miles in these conditions, no lack of bottle there.

Earlier on, when on the radio to Rob, Flacky described the conditions as “a bit exciting” as always master of the understatement, at this point Rob and I both understood that the game over light was starting to flash.

Needless to say, we were very pleased to pull 2 cold, exhausted kayakers from the loch when we found somewhere to bring them in (our thanks to the owner of a very nice boat which we commandeered during this operation, hopefully they are still none the wiser)!

It was back to the hotel to warm through for the kayakers.  At this point Rob left us, he was off to visit his parents who live in Inverness. Our grateful thanks are sent to him.  He has carried the kayaks on the car since bringing them from Long Marston to the Lake District.  He has been instrumental in planning the kayaking and also our resident comedian and bon oeuf ;-)

The picture is of the Nessie mascot from Gillian, she comes with us in Colin’s pocket now :-) x