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14 Oct

Day 13 – Moffat to Luss, Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond small

It was planned that Felix would take my road bike today whilst I relayed his to the bike workshop in Dumfries as he had a problem with his brakes.  Luckily Rob Hopkin had joined us again during the evening and looked at the problem with a fresh pair of eyes and after an adjustment or two, Felix was back on his trusty steed.

From Moffat they cycled towards Hamilton.  Lunch was taken at a truck stop where a good friend of Felix, Tom Mitchell, turned up to show his support.  He even had a short spin on Colin’s bike, which he thought was nice but should have had bigger tyres :-)

The days cycling took in Glasgow, which to be fair has some long cycle paths around and through the centre, along the river.  The Sustrans signs are not brilliant and the boys took some unusual scenic routes, adding another few miles to their already decent mileage.  Their first mistake was noticed by Colin who realised that the river was flowing in the wrong direction!

The ride finished in the dark, the boys arrived at about eight o clock after having a puncture en route.

Now, the hotel, sort of made up for the long ride.  What a beautiful location on the edge of the Loch, our rooms overlooked the water, and we even had a private sauna in the room, now there’s lush :-)

The picture is the view that made it all worthwhile this morning… well it will appear soon


94 miles cycled, 2600 feet climb, 2821 calories burned

ps/ Mr Billy approves of the bed here too!