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13 Oct

Day 12 – Pooley Bridge to Moffat

Billy on 4 Poster in Moffat

We left the lovely Lake District for Scotland today.  I dropped Felix and Colin at Pooley Bridge, where they finished two days ago.  Driving back over the Kirkstone Pass and looking down at ‘The Struggle’ the boys were pleased to have nailed this at the end of their last day.

I had Colin’s bike on board (he was using mine), the gears are still not right, so I was on a mission to get them fixed.  This was not going to be difficult as I had already agreed to take the bike back to Keswick where they were ready to re-cable it.  The trouble was I remembered it as Kendal and headed there instead :-(

Luckily, I had a 3G signal and looked up cycle shops on Google and found that one of the largest in Europe was only up the road in Staveley.  The maintenance team there were great, they decided that a re-cable might help and got on with it straight away.  An hour later I was back on the M6 on to find the boys somewhere in Scotland by now.

We eventually met up between Gretna and Lockerbie, the boys were pleased to have some good solid food and cake at this stage.  They said the ride was a hard grind, with one short break whilst Flacky threw himself on the floor in Carlisle, (he will do anything for attention)!

Gillian and myself pushed on to Moffat to walk the dogs and check out the hotel.  Unusual perfect timing meant that we met the boys on the road as we came out of one of the beautiful river walks in Moffat.

The Hotel is the Best Western Moffat House Hotel, its really nice and the food is great too.  The picture today is not the one I had planned of the boys at the Welcome to Scotland sign, this is because I am having problems getting it up the right way!  So instead you have a picture of Mr Billy carrying out the ‘Bed Inspector’ role at our hotel.  He likes this one, Buster has the chaise :-)

Statistics: 66 miles cycled, 2203 ft climb, 2034 calories burned