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10 Oct

Day 10 – Windermere Kayak

It has rained in Windermere  pretty much non-stop since we arrived. We woke this morning to even heavier rain and really strong gusting winds.  To be honest, I woke to the sound of Colin’s brain chuntering through the various options open to them if the weather did not change.  In tricky situations Colin’s Army training tends to kick in, which is quite funny to watch from the sideline, I rib him terribly about the ‘Colonels Arm’ which starts to direct people in these situations. I have learned to tell the difference between an order (straight hand, closed fingers), or a suggestion (open fingers straight hand), amongst others.

The forecast said that there would be a break in the weather at around lunchtime before the next weather system moved in.  Colin and Rob agreed that we had to wait and see if that was right before attempting to kayak the lake.  In the meantime there was admin to be done.

So, after a hearty breakfast Gillian and I set out to walk the dogs in torrential rain.  This is because, apparently, twice around the hotel car park in the rain is not enough for them (although it clearly is for Mr Billy, who has taken to his role as hotel bed inspector and is treating it very seriously indeed).

When we arrived at Windermere the weather was foul, which meant the place was deserted.  The dogs had a good run, during which time the weather started clearing, the wind dropped and the lake became a much nicer place.  Gillian and I reported back to the boys and they agreed to set out to meet us lakeside and get underway.

The kayaking was done in two parts of approximately 6 miles and 5.5 miles respectively, with a short ‘comfort break’ halfway.  The boys finished in a fairly respectable time for amateurs and I have to admit that they did not look too shabby either.

I am pleased for them both, with the prospect of a 24 mile kayak the length of Loch Ness looming nearer each day they need a confidence boost for what could prove to be their hardest test of this challenge.

On the subject of confidence boosts, your messages and good wishes are really helping the morale so please keep them coming.

Tomorrow the boys set off to climb Scafell Pike.  Gillian is of course joining them for her penultimate climb for her Hounds for Heroes challenge.

The highlight of the day had to be the gap in the weather, it is raining again now, no wonder it is so green here!