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10 Oct

Corwen to Preston – Day 8

A good early start to the day. The trip up over the moors was punctuated only with Colin freeing a sheep that had become stuck in a fence and Felix changing his clothes. A long ascent was followed by an even longer descent down to Chester where we had a great breakfast and went shopping in Field and Trek for some warmer clothing (the temperature dropped like a stone for a while and caught us both out). After this it was a fairly fast route which took us first to Frodsham, then Widnes (traffic between the two was particularly unpleasant) and on to Preston having met up with Ruth and Bridget for a late lunch in St Helens. A day that tested our navigation skills to the full! The route covered 85 miles, had 3400ft of climbing and used up 2800 calories. Looking forward to tomorrow when we will be joined by Dave and Katie from the Railway children (along with Jules and Fred – Dave has his own support team!), and towards the end we are going to be doing a classic climb… more on that tomorrow (assuming we survive)…