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06 Oct

Day 6 – Snowdon Conquered!


Colin, Felix, Gillian and Rich, plus Lilly, Rosie and Florence were dropped off at Llanberis Station of the Snowdon Mountain Railway this morning, to ascend (today’s posh word) Mount Snowdon, ably guided by Elidir, our local expert. The walk up to the Halfway Cafe (sadly closed) was uneventful. Just above the cafe, a strong westerly wind rose, bringing with it rain, hailstones and a robust level of wind chill. The three dogs were bemused but happy, the walkers less so. By the time the team had reached the top, visibility had dropped to close to zero. Colin, Rich, Elidir and Felix retreated to the comfort of the summit cafe, to mingle with the people brought up by the railway. Gillian had to stay in the entrance area – her dogs were not allowed in.

All of a sudden, the clouds lifted and there was a great view, right out to sea. Felix was very happy, another bet won! The descent was easy and graced by a great view all the way down. In Llanberis, Colin and Felix were treated to a depot visit by Mike Robertshaw, the engineering manager of the railway. He gave a great overview of the railway’s projects and plans.

Snowdon added some 3700 ft to the tally of ups (thanks to some dips in the path). Sadly, the calories required for Mount Snowdon did not amount to enough for a decent dinner.