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05 Oct

Days 4 and 5 Chepstow to Montgomery and Montgomery to Betwys y Coed

The Chepstow start was delayed due to a technical problem with Colin’s bike. We received some great advice from previous ‘end to ender’ and friend Ray Webb who told us to go to Fred Baker Cycles in Bristol to fix the problem.  We arrived there first thing to meet Donny who provided a brilliant technical and informative service (which is code for giving Colin a telling off for being a dork), our grateful thanks to you both. Another big day, 4200ft of climbing, 89 miles and over 3000 calories. Felix’s navigation skills came to the fore and so the fact that we were in the pitch black for the last two hours mattered not and we found our way to Montgomery. While waiting for Ruth we discovered the local chip shop… not sure if fish and chips are the correct food for recovery but… really nice!  (Colin)

Day five started with a long demoralising trip back to our finish point of yesterday. Now over to Felix: The ride from Montgomery to Oswestry was fast, really fast, thanks to a gentle side wind and really good roads. There was the peculiar sight of Welshpool’s station separated from the tracks by the new bypass and the sad corpse of a polecat alongside the road. Just after Oswestry I won the day’s £1 bet: There was a real shadow for 5 minutes and, hence, proof of sunshine… In Llangollen we had lunch at the railway station cafe and met up with TVR friends (Steven and Jean) of Colin’s and Ruth’s. And that was the end of the good part of the day.

From Llangollen, we followed the A5 to Betwys y Coed, in the driving rain, on a road that rolled uphill, in a fierce headwind. Sadly, the calorie calculator did not take this into account! The run downhill to Betwys was great – pity about the uphill stretch to Elen’s Castle Hotel on the way to Dogellau. And the support team just laughed at the sorry state of the End-2-Enders… (Felix)