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03 Oct

Day 3 Tiverton to Chepstow

Felix on Clifton Bridge

From Ruth, Mr Billy and Buster

Its our turn to blog tonight.  This is because Colin and Felix have not arrived back at the hotel yet, its now 1930hrs and its dark…

However, I have just found out that they decided to push on to Chepstow later today because they were feeling pretty good and wanted to get some extra mileage in as the weather is due to change.  I left them at the Clifton Suspension Bridge (a favourite for Felix – as in the picture).  They are currently at Severn Tunnel Junction waiting for a train back to Bristol Temple Meads which is opposite the hotel.  I have spoken to Colin by telephone and he said that the Severn Bridge in high wind was an ‘experience’ on a carbon fibre bike!

Today the boys have ridden some very nasty hills (the ones up to Bristol Airport were awesome), but they were really buzzing about the ride. Felix may have even used his lowest gear today!

I have just received instructions from Flackie on finding an Italian for pasta refuelling.  I have asked Mr Billy if he wanted to come and he said that he and Buster would prefer something from the mini bar instead… they are currently on the bed in the room and not looking like moving too soon :-)

Colin is going to use my Trek road bike tomorrow as he wants me to get his gears serviced as he thinks he has stretched the linkage – or at least that is what I think he said.  My bike is 6lbs heavier than his, that will slow him down!  I had his blown out tyre replaced today which raised a smile from the chap in Halfords!

The dogs and I are getting in some good walking, its really nice to walk every day in a different place with them.  They seem to be getting used to this travelling lifestyle, although they have no plans to move to Dale Farm just yet!

Looking forward to arriving in Wales tomorrow, is it hilly there too ;-)

Bye for now


Stats:  87 miles, 4036ft of climbing and 3000 calories