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18 Jul

The Marlow family… a Tour de Force in so many ways


Sibling rivalry being what it is my youngest sister Carol is also now on the case. As a fully qualified and practising Nutritionist she is now firmly on my tail! I remember years ago saying to a young officer “never ask advice from someone if you are not prepared to accept and act on it”… Dooh… I am now facing the prospect of eating properly for at least the next 2 months and the weekend red wine frenzy is a thing of the past! Carol runs the Libralife practice and its really interesting stuff, strange really that we (well me at least) do not take much time to understand the effects of the various “fuels” we put in our bodies in the form of food and drink. I am learning a lot from this whole process which I need to as like a lot of chaps of a certain age (and girth) I have been “pre-diabetic” for a couple of years. There is more at

We have also skipped a generation here with my nephew (Carol’s son) Alex joining in. Sam as I know him qualified from Bath School of Architecture last year and is now working with down in Canterbury doing some exciting work for Purcell Miller Tritton on Canterbury Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament amongst other things. Sam is a mad keen (and pretty talented in my view) rower and regularly competes for Maidstone Rowing Club in their boats. He is also a good strong cyclist and is going to join us for part of the ride (hopefully at the back end where we will really need the support). I just need to ask his employers nicely… which I will!